Flip Master

Flip Master is the latest game in the market launched by one of the most popular mobile game developer Miniclip. Miniclip games are always addictive and best of quality, for example, take 8 Ball Pool, yes it is developed by Miniclip. Flip Master is the latest addition to mobile games, and it is available for Android, iOS as well as for Windows using Android emulators.

Maybe you already know about the Flip Master game, but below I have pointed out some key features of the game as well as how to download and install the APK file of the game on your Android as well as an iOS device without facing any issue or problem.

Flip Master is a sports simulation game where you get to learn how to master flipping in simple controls, but of course, you won’t be able to participate in the real flipping game by practicing here. You also get a couch within the game (voice) which guides you with understanding the controls and also supports you when you score high and laugh at you when you do dumb things.

How to Play Flip Master

Control the characters with your mouse clicks and hold the left click to perform the amazing jumps and flips. The longer you click, the more good flips your hero perform. The mouse arrow direction move your character direction during jumps. You get points for each successful and complete flipping jump. If you not move properly your turn will be end. Purchase some cool character and spins with earned points.